Did you know that the use of underwear generates serious diseases such as dermatitis, E coli and candida?

The conventional use of textile fibers, increases the growth of bacteria and fungi. We have developed a line of women's garments with the use of intelligent fabrics that act as an antimicrobial agent that inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and reducing bacterial colonies by up to 97%.


Unique, Innovative  and Fashionable designs that  conserve the comfort, reflect authenticity and security, integrating functional fabrics by active substance encapsulation with natural properties as Aloe Vera and


Skin- Friendly

Seaweed and Aloe, contains magnesium and they're an source of iodine; as well as, vitamins A, C and E.  These properties are retained in the fibre achieving that the skin absorb the properties, while hydrating, toning and at the same time  eliminates dead cells, the movements and natural body moisture promotes this transfer of nutrients.


The use of intelligent fabrics, avant-garde designs  and shapes that  conserve the comfort will allow to offer an innovative product,  reflecting authenticity and security.

Product Quality

Supervised and standardized production ensuring the quality of finished garments. Use of fresh fabrics and high quality materials.