“Behind each of our garments is the art and the love of a persevering woman striving for their dreams”.

Improve the quality of life and lifestyle of women that used to work with activities that did not allow professional growth or did not have fair conditions of employment.


We offer specialized training paid by the company, in machinery and production processes of making women's lingerie with the possibility of recruiting directly to the students on fair conditions. In this way we offer a product made with trained staff and high quality standards.

- Respect: we encourage respect and understand coworkers, appreciate their interests and needs allowing to work harmoniously in the activities undertaken.

- Equity: social equality with appreciation of individuality, encourage gender equality by promoting equal opportunities and equal treatment to all by ensuring access to their rights, without distinction.

- Responsibility: we emphasize the importance of the activities performed, dedication and compliance at each stage of production, highlighting obtain a final product to satisfy the needs of internal and external customers.


We look for committed women, who want to change and improve her quality of life and lifestyle.


- Personalized training in sewing machine operation and production of women’s underwear. Fully paid by company.

- The training is given by specialized teachers and certified by the company

- Fair labor conditions and flexibility in times.

- Opportunities of professional growth.

- Economic benefits and incentives

Testimony diana Mendez -


Diana is a working woman, dynamic and persevering, with a high sense of the responsibility. Is characterized for being committed, studious and dedicated in her labor, without neglecting her family.


"To my quality of life is be healthy and have a stable job in order to improve the lifestyle of my children as to provide a better education and a better future.

Since entering the program the change has been remarkable in many aspects of my life; although it was a drastic change given what I realized in my previous work were activities that required physical strength and long working hours.


With the company I discovered many skills I did not know as analytical skills, ability to perform several activities at once, continuous development, problem solving and interpersonal relationships, among others.


I've always wanted to be a professional person both personally and at work level, here I have felt very well, since i have the time to study, the company assumes the cost of the course, additionally my work environment changed, we are more united and we support each other in each activity.


Fills me with happiness that my eldest son feel proud of my change and my title in SEWING MACHINE OPERATION AND PRODUCTION OF WOMEN'S UNDERWEAR.  and regarding my youngest daughter I have more time to share with her." 

The company allocates a percentage of its profit margin to hire specialized consultant who offer this training. The process ends with a ceremony where a certificate in SEWING MACHINE OPERATION AND PRODUCTION OF WOMEN'S UNDERWEAR is given to the students, who afterwards is hired by the company.


We are a company aware of the importance of reducing the environmental impact on our operating and production processes.

- We use digital and sublimation printing technologies to print our garments because they are the most environmentally friendly processes by reducing the use of water and chemicals disposed in the environment.

- Our final product packaging are made with 100% fiber sugarcane and totally free of bleaching chemicals. They have a unique color obtained bagasse from sugar cane.